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What makes redesign so affordable?

Redesign is the art of combining five essential elements to create a new home environment.

  • Making Store Bought Items Appear Custom

  • Eclectic Design: Making It Work

  • Understanding Color Value, Placement and Form

  • Enhance Interiors with Existing Lighting

  • Enhance Interiors with Existing Furnishings


Otherwise known as the"mini-makeover", the design services at Treasures on Townsend can provide a whole new look in just one day. During the initial consultation, Bernadette will discuss the function of the space as well as what is liked/disliked about each room.

During the installation portion, the space is re-designed- giving it a new look while using existing home furnishings and accessories. Pieces are rearranged or repurposed in the ‘new’ space. Clients are provided with other design/decorating suggestions to complete the look, as well as a personalized design session at the shop- to aid in inspiring the space.


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