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Elder Transitions
"It is our goal to make your transitition as seamless and pleasant as possible."

​When seniors need to move to smaller spaces or assisted living environments, the list of to-dos can seem overwhelming. At Treasures on Townsend, our team specializes in assisting our senior friends and their families with these important transitions.


We take great care with every aspect of the move, and our services include:


  • designing the right space for a new lifestyle

  • choosing optimal furnishings

  • packing

  • placing those furnishings within the home,

  • unpacking

  • organizing and arranging

  • and selling unwanted quality items.


We specialize in assisting seniors make the right choices for an easier lifestyle and our team has the experience and compassion to assist with every detail when it comes to moving you or a loved one into a new living environment. From organizing what is needed for a smooth transition to liquidating your home's content, Treasures on Townsend is right team to get the job done.

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