To all our

treasured clients and customers,

All of us at Treasures on Townsend extend our sincere hope that all of you are healthy amid the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please join us in extending a very grateful thank you to all who are helping to provide services to anyone and everyone experiencing a critical need during this global crisis. 


We are all affected in some way by the unprecedented events that have caused massive businesses to close both permanently and temporarily and have kept us from many of the activities we would normally be enjoying.  Treasures on Townsend will remain closed as we continue to monitor the impacts of Covid-19.  The health and well being of our customers, clients and staff remain our top priority, as they are the heart and soul of our corner shop.


Bookings for estate sales are being accepted with the understanding that sale dates may need to be moved if it becomes clear that the Covid-19 pandemic will have a  health consequence on our community shoppers and staff.  In addition, the format of the estate sale may also be altered to ensure the safety of everyone.  Please call (989) 486-3140 and leave a message along with your contact information and a member of our team will return your call.


We look forward to the day when we can personally thank you in our corner shop or at one of our estate sales for your kind cooperation and your continued commitment to our consignment shop and our estate sale services.


Warm Regards,


The Treasures on Townsend Team

We will see you soon!

Spring will come!

It is just around the corner!

Treasures on Townsend 

We look forward to the return of brightness in our world. 


If you are interested in booking a sale, a message can be left at the shop


We will be scheduling

Estate Sales

and returning messages!

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